I design and provide to women aware of the environment a fashion-forward, eco-friendly jewelry alternative with unique designs. Every collection has a limited number and each piece is hand-made. Nut ivory, my company, was born from the desire to reflect some of the values that connect me with my children. By combining design and fashion, with awareness about the environment and care for others, I am able to encompass the interests of each of my sons with mine. I offer non-profits organizations an additional stream and fundraising arm to raise money in a way to help other people in need.

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Our jewelry is made on Tagua. Tagua is often called “vegetable ivory” or "ivory nut" since it is almost indistinguishable from real ivory. In fact, one Tagua palm tree’s harvest is EQUAL to ivory from one female elephant. Ivory nut is a renewable and sustainable product. The palms that produce Tagua are found in South America along the Amazon. The ivory nuts fall to the ground where they are picked up, and no harm comes to the tree. The seeds are then extracted, dried and dyed. The work is mostly done by hand. Like true ivory, ivory nut is dense and can be carved to make eco-friendly jewelry. Ivory nut is a natural and sustainable material. I provide the women aware of the environment a fashion-forward, eco-friendly alternative. Our ivory nut accessories are limited edition jewelry.

Any product or ideas have to be absorbed by the brain where our emotions live and have to be also easily understood by people. Expressing your love by giving as gift eco jewelry can bind your green personal convictions with the emotions of your loved ones. Your individual green actions can be converted in collective ones. Send your gift along with a card asking them to perform green acts. Inspire your friends and family to make small changes in their daily life that can help heal the planet and create a healthy, sustainable environment for us all.

The ivory nut helps support the employment of nearly 35,000 people in the rainforests. Most of our pieces are put together by displaced people or female heads of households. Locally, we donate part of our sales and fundraise for community programs, charities and other good causes. We offer non-profits organizations an additional stream to raise money in live or on-line events.   Learn more...
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Ivory nut, vegetable ivory, tagua, eco-friendly jewelry, eco jewelry, green jewelry, are words used to call vegetable ivory. Vegetabke ivory is a natural product used on crafts, jewelry, accesories and other eco-friendly products. Vegetable ivory is an excellent alternative as a gift. Vegetable ivory is a sustainable material used for eco-friendly jewelry
My passion: design
My soul: the environment
My mission: help people in need
I buy the change I wish to see for my children